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Importance of B.Ed Course for a prospective teacher

Are you willing to become a prospective teacher? Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is the perfect course which will help you in enhancing your skills and choose teaching as your profession. B.Ed course is made mandatory by many countries to teach in schools. The B.Ed program curriculum is designed in a way to help students to understand teaching and learning process. The B.Ed program also enlightens the students about the assessment and evaluation process. The in-depth knowledge they acquire during the B.Ed course time will help them to understand the perspectives in teaching. The practical exposure they get during the course of study will enhance their skill set and make them a prospective teacher. In Mind boosters Academy, we ensure that our B.Ed students are well trained and given practical exposure to enhance their teaching skills. During the B.Ed course of study, they acquire the knowledge of converting lesson contents into curriculum. The B.Ed students at Mind Boosters Academy are trained to write their lesson plans perfectively. The proper planning of lessons is the foremost step in efficient teaching practice. The B.Ed program curriculum also gives an insight about different pedagogies used in teaching. The advanced pedagogies in teaching will enhance teaching skills. The B.Ed program helps in applying different strategies in teaching.

The B.Ed program consists of the following papers in the Year I Childhood and growing up, Learning and Teaching, Assessment and evaluation, advanced pedagogies and application of ICT. The B.Ed students in Mind Boosters Academy are given micro teaching practice, regular teaching practice and internship. The microteaching sessions enhance their lesson planning abilities and regular teaching practice trains them on teaching practice. The B.Ed students will also learn about various subject pedagogies, which will give them an insight about various teaching practices. At Mind Boosters Academy, we ensure that our students are well trained and have solid knowledge about the teaching, learning process.

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