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Bachelor of Arts (BA in General)

Bachelor of Arts is a bachelor degree program from Singhania University. It is a 3 years course. 

Year 1

 BAG-111              Theory  English 

BAG-112              Theory  Indian Politics    

BAG-113              Theory  Ancient India     

BAG-114              Theory  Indian Government and Politics (Politics-G-1)        

BAG-115              Theory  Geomorphology (Geography-G-1)             

BAG-116              Theory  Indian Economy (Economics-G-1)              

 Year 2

BAG-222              Theory  English 

BAG-223              Theory  Sociological Theory        

BAG-224              Theory  Modern India (History-G-2)          

BAG-225              Theory  Political Theory and Concepts (Politics-G-2)           

BAG-226              Theory  Elements of Climatology and Oceanography (Geography-G-2)       

BAG-227              Theory  Modern Banking (Economics-G-2)             

 Year 3

BAG-333              Theory  English 

BAG-334              Theory  International Politics      

BAG-335              Theory  History of World in 20th Century (History-G-3)      

BAG-336              Theory  Political Ideology (Politics-G-3)   

BAG-337              Theory  Regional Geography of India (Geography-G-3)      

BAG-338              Theory  Economic Growth and Development (Economics-G-3)        

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