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Phonics instruction forms a crucial foundation for early reading and literacy development. For educators looking to enhance their expertise and delve deeper into phonics instruction, an advanced phonics workshop offers an invaluable opportunity. Designed specifically for literacy specialists and educators seeking to expand their knowledge, Phonics and grammar teacher training UAE takes participants on a journey beyond the basics, exploring advanced phonics concepts and providing a range of professional development opportunities. Let’s delve into the significance of an advanced phonics workshop, highlight key concepts covered, and discuss the benefits and resources it offers to participants.

Why Should You Attend Advanced Phonics Workshops?

  1. Unlocking Advanced Phonics Concepts: The advanced phonics workshop goes beyond basic letter-sound relationships and introduces participants to more complex phonics concepts. Vowel digraphs, consonant blends, syllable patterns, and phoneme manipulation are among the topics explored. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how these advanced concepts contribute to reading fluency, decoding skills, and comprehension.


2. The Power of Advanced Phonics Instruction: Understanding and effectively teaching advanced phonics concepts empowers educators to better support struggling readers, advanced learners, and students with diverse learning needs. The workshop equips participants with strategies to identify and address specific areas of difficulty, enabling them to provide targeted instruction and intervention for their students.


3. Hands-On Activities and Application: The workshop employs hands-on activities and interactive sessions to reinforce learning. Participants engage in word-building exercises, decoding challenges, and collaborative discussions, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practical contexts. These activities promote active learning and help participants internalize the advanced phonics concepts they explore.


4. Professional Development Opportunities: An advanced phonics workshop serves as a valuable professional development opportunity for literacy specialists. It provides a platform for networking and collaboration, allowing educators to connect with like-minded professionals, share insights, and exchange best practices. The professional development workshop for teachers UAE may also include guest speakers or panel discussions, offering valuable perspectives from experts in the field.


5. Continued Learning Resources: To support ongoing growth and development beyond the workshop, participants gain access to a wealth of resources. These may include recommended reading materials, online courses, instructional videos, and websites dedicated to advanced phonics instruction. By leveraging these resources, educators can continue expanding their knowledge and refining their instructional strategies long after the workshop concludes.


6. Individualized Support and Feedback: An advanced phonics workshop often includes individualized support and feedback from experienced instructors. This personalized guidance allows participants to address specific challenges and refine their teaching approaches. By receiving feedback on their instructional techniques, educators can make targeted improvements and optimize their effectiveness in the classroom.

Unlocking Language Skills through Fun and Multisensory Activities

At Mind Boosters, we are committed to providing high-quality phonics instruction that engages and empowers both teachers and parents. Our Phonics Course is designed to equip educators and parents with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to foster strong language skills in young learners. Taught by highly experienced teachers, the course encompasses a wide range of fun, multisensory activities to make learning enjoyable and effective. Let’s take a closer look at the comprehensive contents of our Phonics Course:

  1. Learning 42 Letter Sounds: We begin by introducing participants to the 42 letter sounds of the English language. Through interactive activities, teachers and parents learn how to effectively teach these sounds and help children associate them with their corresponding letters.
  2. Learning Letter Formation: The course emphasizes the importance of proper letter formation. Participants are guided on effective techniques for teaching children how to correctly write each letter, ensuring they develop strong handwriting skills from the outset.
  3. Blending: Blending is a fundamental skill in reading. Our Phonics Course equips teachers and parents with strategies to teach children how to blend individual letter sounds together to form words. Through engaging exercises and games, participants learn techniques to reinforce blending skills in young learners.
  4. Identifying Sounds in Words: Participants learn how to guide children in identifying individual sounds in words. This skill is essential for accurate decoding and word recognition, laying a strong foundation for reading proficiency.
  5. Identifying Tricky Words: Tricky words, or irregularly spelled words, can pose challenges for young readers. Our Phonics teaching programs UAE provide techniques for helping children recognize and memorise these words, enabling them to navigate through texts with greater ease.
  6. Initial Consonant Blends and Final Consonant Blends: Consonant blends are combinations of two or more consonant sounds that appear together in words. Participants explore strategies to teach children how to recognize and pronounce initial and final consonant blends, expanding their reading and vocabulary skills.
  7. Language Rules: The course covers essential language rules, including grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Participants gain insights into how to teach these rules in a way that is engaging and meaningful for young learners.
  8. Digraphs and Alternative Blends: Digraphs are two letters that together represent a single sound, such as “sh” or “ch.” Our Phonics Course equips educators and parents with effective methods to teach digraphs and alternative blends, enhancing children’s phonemic awareness and reading abilities.
  9. Segmenting and Decoding: Segmenting and decoding involve breaking words into individual sounds and then blending them together to read the word. Participants learn strategies to teach these skills, enabling children to approach unfamiliar words with confidence.
  10. Diagraphs and Diphthongs: Diagraphs and diphthongs are complex phonics concepts. Our course provides comprehensive guidance on teaching these advanced topics, allowing educators and parents to support children in mastering these more intricate language patterns.
  11. Language Rules: Building on earlier language rules, this section of the course delves deeper into advanced grammar and language concepts. Participants gain a deeper understanding of these rules and learn how to teach them effectively to young learners.
  12. Making Lesson Plans: The course includes valuable guidance on creating effective phonics lesson plans. Participants learn how to structure lessons, incorporate multisensory activities, and tailor instruction to meet the diverse needs of their students.
  13. Techniques for Class Control and Creating Literacy Awareness in Children: Effective classroom management and fostering a literacy-rich environment are essential for successful phonics instruction. Participants explore techniques for maintaining class control and creating an atmosphere that promotes literacy awareness and a love for reading and writing.

The Transformative Power of Advanced Phonics Instruction

Mind Boosters’ Phonics courses provide a comprehensive and engaging approach to teaching language skills, ensuring young learners receive effective instruction in reading and writing. With its range of fun and multisensory activities, educators and parents are equipped with the necessary tools to facilitate language development successfully. The KHDA approved teaching courses UAE guarantee the highest quality training, empowering participants to reach their full potential in teaching young learners.

With Mind Boosters’ Phonics Course, educators and parents can confidently guide young learners on their language learning journey, fostering a love for reading and writing while building essential skills. Contact us to start your Phonics sessions today: +971 50 9172839  or


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