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Ms.Archana Merchant,

Founder & CEO, Mind Boosters Educational Services, UAE




If there’s anyone who can bring a tremendous positive change in the world today it’s a teacher. You can’t ever imagine what a positive impact a teacher can have on her students. As a teacher you are the most important person in a student’s life you are an enabler you can enable and empower a child,you are an awakener you can awaken a student’s belief in himself. As a teacher you are the best guideand inspiration for your student’sin the move towards illumination. Don’t ever think that your hard work and efforts as a teacher is insignificant, be brave, be consistent , safe guard your student’s , believe in them stand by them ,stay passionate about your work you will surely get rewarded by the almighty ten times more then you give as a teacher.

Education is an integral part of gaining knowledge but reviewing and evaluating facts by a teacher only gets a student to progress.You can connect with your students teach them humanity ,values, compassion , empathy emotions that no text book or website can ever provide. These are priceless lessons of real world that you can inculcate in your students and help them grow as genuine humanbeings which should be the ultimate motive of education rather than just focusing on getting good grades for a good job . Inculcating human values and enhancing student’s skills is an extremely important part of a teacher’s role. Get students curious about discovering knowledge for themselvesfocus on their interests, inherent skills and natural talents.

Teachers are the ones who can create positive  learning environments and provide their students highly enjoyable and deeply memorable life time  experiences  When something is learned , understood  and shared it is a very special kind of individual accomplishment that changes a person forever.This is the kind of change we try to bring in our teacher training students Teaching is by far one of the most noble and influential profession on the planet.Teachers help their students to become better human beings and in doing so they themselves become wonderful  human beings .Teachers you are a hero to many children , let that be one of the many reasons for you to continue nurturing generations for the future .

Teaching is challenging yet very satisfying, givespeace of mind and  happiness to the soul  it’s a work of heart because it takes a big heart  to touch little minds .

To teach is to touch a life and transform it positively forever. Transforming young ,innocent souls is indeed a wonderful job. I consider myself very fortunate for getting  an opportunity to teach children for many years in the past and now I feel blessed to train and inspire  individuals who want to explore this wonderful  profession. All my best wishes for all the individuals who are into teaching , keep going and give your best you are doing a wonderful job . Amen




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