What are Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are neurologically-based processing problems which interfere with learning basic skills of children. Children are unable to read or write simple letters, words or sentences in proper way. This also affetcs higher level skills which includes organization, time planning, long or short term memory and the main thing is attention.

What is Diploma in Learning Disabilities Program?

Diploma in Learning Disabilities Program trains the candidates with the basics of identifying different learning disabilities in children and how they are diagnosed. Candidates will develop an in-depth understanding of different types of instructional strategies often initiated for the learning disabled children as well as the practical approaches to such strategies by teachers and educators. Candidates will learn the basics regarding causes of learning disabilities, and how they’re diagnosed and classified. We will represent various methods that parents and teachers can make use of to help children deal with their stress and expectations. This will help build a sense of confidence and self-respect in those children diagnosed with a learning disability.

Course Objectives:

  1. The Course is designed to facilitate the identification of learning disability/disabilities.
  2. Developing the skills for handling various kinds of learning disabilities.
  3. To bring awareness about academic difficulties of special needs children.
  4. To empower teachers, school counsellors and parents with information and knowledge, on how to help children effectively.
  5. To create awareness and sensitize the society at large about persons with learning disabilities.

Course Duration:

The entire module consists of theory and practical’s over a period of 1 Year.

Future Prospects of This Course:

  1. Special Needs Teacher
  2. Special Education Teacher / Faculty
  3. Special education Professor
  4. NGO member
  5. Shadow Teacher
  6. Remedial Counselor

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