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Importance of Teacher Training program

Teaching is an evolving skill where continuous learning happens. Teaching and learning goes hand in hand and a teacher is expected to develop professionally. A well informed teacher always facilitates leaning in a positive way. The teacher training programs helps in enhancing the skills of working teachers, aspiring teachers. The teacher training programs builds confidence in teachers or aspiring teachers to deliver their lessons effectively. Teacher training programs gives the teachers an understanding of how to convert their content into curriculum.

Class control is a crucial skill that all teachers should posses. The teacher training programs gibes them in depth knowledge about organizing their classroom and using class control techniques to control the class. The teachers are expected to use effective teaching methods in class; the teacher training programs helps in the process of understanding different methods of teaching. Teacher training programs comprises of various modules designed in a way to enhance the skills of teachers. The teacher training programs gives extensive practice on teaching methods. There will be regular practical sessions which will enhance their teaching skills.

Mentoring forms a part of teacher training programs which helps teachers to learn from best practices and implement in their class environment. The teachers who have undergone proper teacher training programs have proven to outperform their peers who have not taken any training.

In Mind Boosters Academy, we offer teacher training diplomas and degrees. The teacher training diplomas offered are Early Childhood Care and Education, Diploma in Primary Teacher Training and Diploma in Learning Disabilities. The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and Master of Education (M.Ed) are Bachelor and Master Degree programs respectively.  In addition to the above mentioned teacher training programs, Mind Boosters Academy offers  approved Phonics Teacher training program.

Phonics is a method for teaching reading and writing of the English language by developing learners’ ability to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes in order to teach the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns that represent them. Phonics is a multi-sensory, synthetic phonics.  With Phonics, children are taught the English alphabetic code in a simple, but structured way. Phonics was developed by teachers who wanted an effective method of teaching that was also active, interesting and suitable for young children. Synthetic phonics is a method of teaching children to read and write. The children are taught how the English alphabetic code works before they are expected to do the harder tasks of reading books and writing independently. Synthetic Phonics does not start with whole printed words. It starts with single letters and the sounds that the letters represent. In the phonics teacher training program, the students will learn about letter sounds, blends, diagraphs, segmenting, decoding etc

Early Childhood Care & Education concerns the education of the very young child. These early years of childhood are the most vulnerable stages in a life.  Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education Program trains candidates with the fundamentals of child development from 0 to 6 years of age. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of principles of early childhood education based on child development .This course will empower the trainees with the knowledge to understand a child’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive and creative development. They will master the skills necessary to create a secure, warm and stimulating learning environment where play is used as an effective tool for learning. It is an approved teacher training program.

Primary education deals with educating children from the age of 6 years to 12 years. It is an important phase in a child’s development and a well skilled teacher can make a big difference in the Child’s behavior. The role of a primary teacher is crucial in a child’s life. The primary teacher is responsible of nurturing the Child’s growth both academically and behaviorally. 

The course modules consists of methods of teaching, planning lesson plans, evaluation, assessment and school organization. It also focuses on teaching methods used in language, numeracy and science. The course has a special emphasis on differentiated learners and using mixed teaching methods.

The course helps the students in gaining knowledge about the teaching methodologies and pedagogies to be used in primary teaching. The course also gives an in depth knowledge about classroom management and lesson planning. On successful completion of this course will make you ready for a global career in teaching with a globally recognized certificate.


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