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Teaching strategies for learning support

Improve your skills in order to be considered for positions at prestigious international schools.

Mind Boosters is a recognized Centre of an Ofqual regulated certifying body UK. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 Certified and KHDA certified training institute in UAE.

Mind Boosters pedagogical programmes will prepare you for high-paying employment, faster advancements, and, most importantly, a fulfilling teaching career anywhere in the globe.

Have a blast teaching students like you’ve never done before. Discover teaching strategies that make teaching enjoyable every day. Become a solid mentor for twenty-first-century students. Obtain high-paying teaching jobs and advance quicker.

Arrange your career and financial growth carefully, and you might make several times more than a traditional-degree instructor. Assume responsibility of your academic and career success and progress quickly without leaning on others. Join Mind Boosters’ growth-oriented teaching diploma programme and a variety of additional courses.

Become the educator that every school craves. Schools are vying for competent teachers and leaders with world-class educational talents.

Make yourself the most sought-after educator in every institution and learning environment you visit. Stand yourself out from the crowd by belonging to the top cream of teachers with our teaching strategies courses.

 At Mind Boosters we seek to improve our students’ confidence, communication skills, general knowledge, and many other things in addition to training. We also have highly skilled, certified, and experienced trainers that will assist our students in expanding their knowledge beyond what they learn in class. All of our teachers have extensive expertise using various teaching approaches to achieve the greatest outcomes for you.

We have the greatest location in Dubai, located close to a metro station, so you can simply get to Mind Boosters and take in the magnificent sights while calming your mind and preparing for your next learning experience.

We recognize that not everyone has the time to attend a class during office hours or during their busiest time of day. That is why we provide flexible class times to accommodate you and your hectic schedule. We offer competitive course prices and flexible payment plans.

Contact us to know more and fly with your career dreams.

Training Topics Covered

1. Innovation in Education

2. Teaching with Emotional Intelligence

3. Inclusive Teaching

4. Engage on Professional Development

5. Plan lead and review play opportunities which support children’s learning development

6. Using MI (Multiple Intelligence) to make learning more interactive and interesting.

7. Active Learning

8. Making Mathematics more meaningful 

9. Developing Life skills

10. Mindfulness in the classroom

11. Child protection in Education

12. Realizing Life-Long Learning and New roles of teachers

13. Mental health awareness

14. Learning more about working with SEN children

15. Confidence Learning Strategies

16. Cooperative Learning Strategies

17. Discovering One’s Potential

18. Student Mental Health

19. Home School Life balance strategies

20. Classroom Management

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