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M.Com E-Commerce

       Ecommerce is a field that has shown rapid growth in the past decade and will continue to do so in the near future. Our Master’s degree in commerce provides the best platform to obtain mid to senior-level positions in the industry. Our Ecommerce course is tailored for working professionals and is highly flexible.

Program Objectives:

  1. To impart to the learner sound knowledge in the fields of IT, Commerce, Management, Finance, Economics
  2. To introduce the students to various aspects of e-commerce applied in business.
  3. To integrate professional skills in their learning through hands on experience so as to enhance the scope of employment and entrepreneurship.
  4. To equip students and keep them updated on the changes and emerging trends in e- Commerce.
  5. To give insights and specific learning for building confidence towards venturing into startups and emerge successful.

Ecommerce Course Program Highlights:

  1. Tailored for working professionals
  2. Certification from # ranked university
  3. Individualized mentoring programs
  4. Placement assistance with top retail firms
  5. Dedicated career and professional counseling

20 Subjects | Projects | Assignments

Who is this course for?

The MCom-ECommerce course is for working professionals who wish to enhance their career prospects and take the next step in their career development.

Ecommerce Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn the concepts of electronic Data Interchange
  2. Understand the various branding and pricing strategies
  3. Learn the strategies for conducting business through the internet
  4. Understand the technologies that support an internet-based business
  5. Understand the key regulatory issues related to the eCommerce industry

Ecommerce Course Syllabus Overview :

To ensure you receive the best syllabus, we have collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the industry and in-house faculty members. Live sessions, videos, assignments, cases, and projects are made available to you to enhance your knowledge of the subject matter.

First Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MCEC101Business and Professional Skills
MCEC102Managerial Economics
MCEC104Marketing Management
MCEC105Financial Accounting and ERP

Second Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MCEC201Business Environment
MCEC202Risk Management in e-Business
MCEC203Services Marketing and e-CRM
MCEC204Business Analytics
MCEC205Digital Business Management

Third Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MCEC301E-Commerce Applications and Securities3
MCEC302Network Infrastructure and Payment System
MCEC303Legal Security and Challenges in E-Commerce
MCEC304Social Media and Digital Marketing
MCEC305Mobile Commerce Technology

Fourth Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MCEC401Strategic Management
MCEC402Business Intelligence
MCEC403Digital Media Laws and Security Laws
MCEC404Project Work
BCEA405Seminar and Viva Voce



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