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MBA Big Data Analytics

We live in a day and age where information or data has become more expensive than traditional assets like gold or real estate. An MBA program in Big Data Analytics from Mizoram University will equip you with the right tools to optimise big data and exploit it towards the business goals of any organisation or cause. Surge ahead in your career with our MBA Big Data Analytics course, designed to help learners all about big data analysis and its practical application.


2 years


Any passed Graduate or equivalent through ( 10 +2 + 3) and Mathematics in Higher Secondary of recognized University/ Board. Additionally, In case of Post graduate Diploma qualified in Computer science or Statistics, Mathematics is not mandatory.

Big Data Analytics Course About the Program :

Program Overview:

MBA in Big Data Analytics course is offered by Mizoram University as a 2-year program through which candidates understand all aspects of big data and how big data analytics can be used to make more informed business decisions. The MBA program is designed to familiarize the learners with advanced analytics, machine learning and data mining, all techniques used to overcome everyday business obstacles.

Industry Relevant Projects | Assignments | Case Studies

Program Objectives:

  1. To help students gain analytics competencies and use hands-on tools in data sciences thereby preparing them for business and techno-functional roles in data science and analytics projects.
  2. To help students develop skills needed to handle data analytics lifecycle and business problems through visualization skills.

Big Data Analytics Course Syllabus Overview :

The syllabus for the MBA Big Data Analytics course is curated by experts working in this domain. Learners will be able to master Big Data Analytics through video lectures, extensive notes, case studies and live Q&A. There will be a continuous evaluation through regular projects, assignments and exams. You can find the semester-wise modules covered in the Big Data Analytics course below:

First Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MBA-DA101Business and Professional Skills
MBA-DA102Business Environment and Legal Compliance
MBA-DA103Managerial Economics
MBA-DA104Data Science and Business Analysis
MBA-DA105Financial Accounting

Second Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MBA-DA201Financial Management
MBA-DA202Human Resource Management
MBA-DA203Big Data Analytics in Business
MBA-DA204Decision Science
MBA-DA205Software Project Management

Third Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MBA-DA301Strategic Management3
MBA-DA302Machine Learning
MBA-DA303Applied Marketing Analytics
MBA-DA304Principles of Artificial Intelligence
MBA-DA305Data Warehousing and Mining

Fourth Semester

Course codeTitle of the Course
MBA-DA401Econometrics for Business Decisions
MBA-DA402Entrepreneurship in Digital Environment
MBA-DA403Social Media Analytics
MBA-DA404Project Work
BCEA405Seminar and Viva Voce



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