Preschool children are little ones who are developing their basic skills and trying to figure the ways of socializing with adults and their peers. The preschool children are also learning to adjust the new classroom environment. As preschool teachers, we need to plan few strategies which will help in class management.  We present you few ideas of class control techniques in this article.

  1. “Teachers should be warm and caring toward children who are acting upset,” says Stephanie Leclair of Tiny Hoppers. Always try to be a teacher, who always is open in conversation with the preschoolers. When the teacher is warm, the child will open up themselves and feel reassured. This attitude of the teacher in the class will help in managing the class efficiently.
  2. Organize your classroom in a way that the class materials are organized as noisy corners and quiet corners in different parts of a classroom. The noisy corners may include play materials such as blocks and the quiet corner will be a reading corner. The children must be also made aware of places to have their food, play activities, time out, exploring corners etc. This classroom organization will help in managing the classroom without chaos.
  3. Children at the preschool always do not know to manage their emotions well. Instead of asking them “What is wrong?” the teacher can ask them to stay in the ‘Safe corner’ and get back to class once they are fine to join their peers. This way the child will learn to deal with their emotions. The teacher can also facilitate them in expressing their emotions in art form. The teacher can also assist the children in achieving their goal of managing emotions.
  4. There will be several times in a day that the children transit from one activity to the other. Set a routine for their transition. It can be a simple technique like counting one to ten and they are supposed to make their transitions between their activities. The idea here is to set the routine.
  5. One of the best ways to organize your classroom is to place child-friendly labels in the classroom which helps the children to understand their classroom organization. Once they are clear with the labels, the task gets easier that they follow instructions.
  6. Routine is important for children and consistency is the key in setting the routine. Be consistent with the children about classroom rules. So be consistent with the activities you present to the children.

These are some of the class control techniques, a preschool teacher can follow to manage their class. Get more ideas about preschool teacher training from the Early Years teaching diploma in UAE.

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