Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) occupies a unique position amongst universities and institutions of higher learning in the country. It was established in 1920 and evolved out of the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental (MAO ) which was set up in 1877 by the great visionary and social reformer, Sir Syed Ahmad khan. From its very inception, it has kept its door open to the members of all communities and from all corners of the country and the world. The Aligarh Muslim University s the realization of a vision which was broad, far-reaching and realistic.

* Bachelor of Arts (BA)
* Bachelor of  Commerce (B.Com)
* Master of Commerce (M.Com)
* Master of Arts (MA)

Mizoram University

* BBA E-Business

* B.Com E-Commerce

* B.Com e-Accountancy & Tally

* M.Com E-Commerce

* MBA Marketing

* MBA Financial Management

* MBA Entrepreneurship

* MBA Big Data Analytics

* MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management

* Diploma in Digital Marketing

* Diploma in Social Marketing

‘* Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

* Diploma in Web Development

* Diploma in Operations

* Diploma in Computer Applications

* Diploma in Canva

* Diploma in Presentation Skills

* Diploma in Communication

* Diploma in Python

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